3, 2, 1 Action!

Well, having worked in the Internet world for over 15 years I have finally managed to find the time to put down some of my own thoughts on how individuals and businesses can get the most out of the latest exciting digital technologies.

Clearly the internet has created a myriad of wonderful (and some less wonderful) new services, businesses and business models alike.

There have been real winners and losers. From those that have (or are about to become) famously successful by launching exciting businesses that provide compelling new offers to those that have struggled to find the best way to use or execute digital within their business and have subsequently lost market share or the potential to grow new business.

Of course, there are many factors that will help make company A more successful than company B but for me the keys to fortune are in having a real simplicity in what (and how) you offer your customers, coupled of course with a true sense of gratification that they experience.

I look forward to exploring this over the months ahead and sharing some thoughts & examples of what I think can be great or poor practice.

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